Hair loss in women isn’t as socially neutral as hair loss in men and can be devastating. Unknown to many, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a great solution for those with long hair looking for more density to their existing hair. 25 percent of women have thinned or lost hair. 95 percent of hair loss in women is associated with androgenetic reasons meaning hormonal changes. For instance, during menopause, 4 out of 10 women will suffer from thinning hair, and these numbers significantly increase with age. In men, androgenetic reasons include heart disease, prostate enlargement, insulin resistance, and high blood pressure.

Many people think that scalp micropigmentation is only for men who shave their hair entirely down; this is a misconception because scalp micropigmentation is pretty much for everyone. SMP is a universal tool that can be used to cover alopecia, scarring, and create density for thinning hair. The point is to make your hair look healthier and fuller, adding overall volume.

Many of my clients use scalp micropigmentation in conjunction with hair transplants. It covers existing scars caused by the hair transplants or fills those areas around the transplants. Certain hairstyles can also lead to hair loss, called traction alopecia. The weight or tightness of the hairstyle has been pulling on the hair and, over time, damaged the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out. Either by pulling the hair, wearing extensions or wigs, or over-treating the hair through chemicals. If you dye your hair, it is recommended to wait 2 weeks after coloring your hair to have SMP performed; then, you will have to wait 2 weeks after SMP to color your hair again.

I have had a bit of scalp micropigmentation in areas where I had missing hair. These areas were damaged when benign fatty cysts were removed from my scalp, leaving small areas where hair would not grow. After the treatment, I felt more confident, not worrying that my scalp would be visible when wearing my hair down.

So many people with hair are unclear how scalp micropigmentation works when there is still hair present. The pigment is placed around the existing hair without causing damage to the existing hair. By parting the hair as we work, we can clear the way to the scalp and insert the pigment superficially on the skin to create natural-looking results. We usually go with just a tad darker color than your existing hair color reduces the contrast between your scalp and your hair; this makes the illusion of fuller, denser, and overall, more volume. Scalp micropigmentation is perfect for treating those with overall thinning hair or targeting areas near the part. So, you don’t have to have short hair for scalp micropigmentation to work. It is best to have long hair when you are looking for density treatment.

Every client is different, and we will find a solution that fits your needs. There are two major applications of scalp micropigmentation; one is for density, as I have discussed before, and the other is a complete hairline reconstruction. Some clients may have extensive hair loss, including a receding hairline, missing a front hairline, or have localized hair loss in the top or back of the scalp. It is recommended to shave down and have a complete hairline reconstruction in these cases. There are certain cases where scalp micropigmentation will look better than others, and it can be challenging to know without proper consultation. For this reason, an in-person consultation is preferred.

Scalp micropigmentation works best on a healthy scalp. Treatment usually consists of 3 sessions, and depending on the about of coverage needed, it can last from 1-3 hours per session. scalp micropigmentation can last for approximately 2-5 years. A touchup during this time depends on the client.
Scalp micropigmentation does not hurt; it feels like a scratch on the scalp, which is most tolerable by most clients.

So, I hope this clarifies the questions you had regarding density SMP. Scalp micropigmentation can be life-changing.


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