Scalp Micropigmentation San Diego



A lot of men have to deal with hair loss for many reasons. The main reasons being male pattern baldness or alopecia. These conditions can occur at any age and fortunately SMP can create the natural appearance of a shaved head.

The pigment is inserted into the scalp to replicate the appearance of hair follicles. This non-surgical procedure can have a life changing affect. Most clients need a full head treatment, this is the entire top of the head and blending into the sides and the back of the head. Some men still have full hair coverage over their head but have thinning. In some cases we can help rectify this. Doing the same as we would if the hair was short we would bend the SMP to make the hair look thicker and fuller.After the first session you will be able to see a difference but you will not have the full look until 2-3 sessions.


Here at Pure Ink we can help you bring back your confidence. Hair loss for men is mostly inherited and this affects millions of men worldwide. With other hair loss solutions you don’t have guaranteed results and have the risk of future scarring.

With SMP we can guarantee results. We will conceal any areas of missing or thinning hair and we can apply more at anytime, should the hair loss continue. Scalp micropigmentation works like a tattoo. The distinct difference is that with SMP we don’t go as deep with the needle.

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