Why choose UNDO®?


UNDO®is non-laser pigmentation removal, removes unwanted permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation, and small-medium-sized body tattoos without the need for laser and with more effective and less invasive results than saline removal.

We use natural ingredients free from harsh acids that are gentle on your skin. UNDO®is a 3 step non-laser tattoo removal system designed to safely remove all ink and pigment colors from any skin tone.

Deracination Serum:


 The natural active ingredients include bentonite, aloe leaf extract, and hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate. This serum is designed to pull out the dormant ink in the skin to the surface.


Lifting Clay Mask:


 This clay mask acts as a magnet that attracts negatively charged toxins and any additional ink brought to the surface during the Deracination process. Calcium bentonite clay is used to detoxify the body and improve skin tone.


Healing Microcurrent Mask:


The healing masks aid in quicker healing

Reducing the recovery time after treatments from 6-8 weeks to 4 weeks

Leaving the skin smoother and without scar tissue

The healing masks include Tissue X® technology which delivers macromolecule healing compounds, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamins, into deeper layers of the skin.

Before and After UNDO®non-laser removal


Before Your Treatment


· Do not tan or have a sunburn near the treated area.

· Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, or Ibuprofen 24 hours before the procedure.

· No alcohol 24 hours before the procedure.



During Your Treatment


Please be aware that the result of the procedure is dependent on the following:

· Properly following aftercare instructions

· The size and age of the tattoo

· How deep that last artist went with their pressure


After Your Treatment


Your post-procedure removal care consists of using our Microcurrent Mask, applying the aftercare gel, keeping the treated area clean and out of the sun.

The removal process relies heavily on your skin forming scabs post-procedure; the thicker the scabs, the better chance of pigment removal.

It is a must to let the scabbing process happen naturally. This is very important for your removal and skin healing. Do NOT pick at the scabs, scratch, peel, or scrub the treated area. Doing so can result in scarring and will affect the results of the pigment removal.

UNDO® is the safest method


The ink broken down by laser is not removed from the skin’s surface but instead absorbed into the body. Your lymphatic system will remove the ink from your body, and you will excrete it when you urinate. Unfortunately, no studies have shown how long the ink absorption process takes or what impacts the remaining ink can have on your body. The exceptional part about UNDO®is that it lifts the ink out rather than absorbing it into your body. The Deracination Serum helps the ink rise to the skin’s surface and forms into a scab, and when the scab falls off, the ink falls off with it.

Fewer Treatments are needed; therefore, more cost-effective.


One of the most significant downsides to laser tattoo removal is the number of sessions required. Some clients go through multiple sessions, only to get a faded tattoo but not complete removal. UNDO® works in fewer sessions; thus, it is more affordable than laser tattoo removal.


No ink or skin tone restrictions


With laser tattoo removal, many different factors affect the treatment results, such as the color of ink used, skin tones, location, and age of the tattoo. With UNDO®, you will receive outstanding results regardless of ink color, skin tone, or the tattoo’s location. 


Comfortable Experience


A local anesthetic is applied before the procedure to ensure your comfort; UNDO® is by far much more comfortable than laser removal. 


When will I notice results?

The type of ink/pigment used, age, size and number of cover ups will determine how long it takes to see results.  UNDO® can reduce removal treatments from 50-80% compared to other methods, including LASER.  There will be some lightening of the ink after just one treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

We use a high-quality topical anesthetic before the treatment, so you can experience little to no discomfort.

How may UNDO® treatments are needed?

There are several factors that will dictate this, the depth of the ink, the type of ink used and the age of the tattoo and if there were any cover/touch ups.  Smaller tattoos may require only two to three treatments.  UNDO®will lighten or remove any color, unlike LASER, which can only remove certain colors successfully.

How much does UNDO® cost?

Fees start at $100 minimum per session
Price is dependent on the size of the tattoo (please send picture of the tattoo and dimensions for price quote)
Set of Brows $250 (per session)